Daily profit: 2% + 0.1% for each 1 Million TRX contract balance

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Any Successful Project Needs A Plan Of Action In Place In Order To Ensure That It Sees Through The Finish Line.

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Tron2Live is a completely decentralized investment project on the Tron network that is completely community-based.

The daily profit base is 2% forever. For every 1 million TRX added to the contract balance, the daily profit of all members will increase by 0.2 percent, and after reaching 20 million TRX, the profit will be a fixed 4 percent. Therefore, no one will earn more than 4% per day, which will greatly help the survival of the proje

No. You can get a fixed daily profit forever with one investment.

No. No one gets more profit than other people so there is no difference between a person who has invested a large amount and a person who has invested a lower amount. Also, due to the dependence of daily profit on the balance of the contract, the community will help to increase the balance, and we forecast that with a fixed daily profit of 4% in the balance + 20 million, the balance of this project with the help of users and strong marketing team of Tron2Live will not fall below 20 million.

You can receive up to 5% of the investment amount as a referral commission for 6 levels by introducing this project through your own link to others.

No. There is no difference in daily profit between people who have a referral and those who do not.

You can see the verified smart contract by Tronscan project in the contract address and by reading the contract project codes by yourself or your trusted persons, you will realize that there is no additional access by the team and all the rules displayed on the site is exactly in the contract..

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